August 24 & 25, 2024
Saturday & Sunday: 11am-6pm


Steveston Maritime Modelers

Meet the miniature boats and their builders – this display of handcrafted working models will delight both young and old.
Inside the Seine Net Loft in Zone 5

Lenka's Lace

Lace making at a maritime festival? Did you know that lace making and fishing net making both originated together in historic time – they share many stories and stitches! Come meet world-renowned lace maker Lenka Suchanek and try you hand at this ancient craft.
Find Lenka in the Seine Net Loft in Zone 5


Learn how a traditional coracle (woven, single person water craft) is made from locally grown basket maker’s willow. These vessels are still used still though out the UK and part of Asia today.
See them in action (and join them)  in Zone 3, All Hands On Deck

Lee Valley Tools

The fine craft of building wooden boats requires specialty tools of the trade. A shipwright’s tools (traditional boat builder) are their prized possessions. Lee Valley Tools is a Canadian company that specializes in fine crafted tools for shipwrights, carvers, woodworkers, luthiers (musical instrument makers) and artists.
In Zone 5 – The Seine Net Loft

Richmond Pottery Club

Come meet local potters, watch them ‘throw’ a pot and discover how pottery and clay is connected to our history.
In Zone 3, All Hands On Deck!

Richmond Carvers

The Richmond Carvers is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of woodcarving as a hobby and an art form. Founded in 1988, the Society has grown to over 74 members with skill levels ranging from beginner to internationally acclaimed experts.
Find out more and admire their work in Zone 10, the Britannia Heritage Shipyard Society building

Oyster Bay Boats

Oyster Bay Boats are a composite of western red cedar, Ecopoxy plant based epoxy resin, and fiberglass cloth trimmed with local fir and western maple. This strong, weather-resistant craft shows the beauty of the wood, with low maintenance and less weight than traditional construction. They make cedar strip rowboats as well as double paddle canoes.
Want to see one in person? Head over to the Wooden Boat Row in Zone 13.

Britannia Shipyard Society

The purpose of the Britannia Heritage Shipyard Society (BHSS) is to preserve and promote West Coast maritime heritage with an emphasis on local wooden boat building traditions and the cultural mosaic and living conditions of the people who worked on the Steveston waterfront.
Learn more about our society and becoming a member at their headquarters in Zone 10, the BHSS building, where you will find plenty of activities such as kids boat building as well.

Pennant Decorating

The origin of the modern day pennant dates back to the 17th century, referencing a rope for hoisting (pendant) and a warship flag (pennon.)
Join Branscombe House artist-in-resident Paige Gratland in decorating pennants for the upcoming Pride Picnic and Social in Zone 3 – All Hands On Deck.

What the Peaches Designs

Jenny Lewis creates vibrant lively ink splatter paintings that capture a moment in time.
In Zone 3, All Hands On deck

David Fukuhara

Mr. Fukuhara has been involved in the ancient craft of Knotwork for over 50 years. It started when he was first sailing in the 1960’s and grew from contemporary sailors knotting onto mastering Turks Head knots and then onto continuous flat rope knot work.
“My inquiry into the historical aspects of knots led me directly to the knot- work of the ancient Celts. They left a record of sophisticated knots in their stone carvings. The influence of their work is evident in many of my designs.”
Admire his work in Zone 3, All Hands On Deck

Richmond Arts Guild

Richmond Artists Guild was founded in 1955 with the goal of providing a forum for local artists to meet, improve their skills and learn more about art. Members are welcome at all levels from beginner to professional, to encourage, learn from and support each other while fostering arts in our community. The Guild offers weekly life drawing, long pose & pleine air sessions, and regular guest artist demos & group shows.
Come enjoy a variety of paintings done by some of our artists, who will be painting on site throughout the festival. Talk to the artists and learn more about our upcoming events, charity art shows, and the benefits of joining a supportive artists’ community in Zone 3 – All Hands On Deck.

Pleine Air Painter M.L. (Marv) Skelton

Marv is a founding member of “Men in Hats”, a pleine air group of lower mainland artists who paint every Tuesday at various locations throughout the GVRD area. An active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, his work has been exhibited at the Federation studio on Granville Island, Taiwanese Festival, Gateway theatre, Lonsdale Quay, University Women’s Club, Hollyburn Country Club, and many local restaurants. Marv is the past President of the Richmond Artists Guild, a position he held for ten years, and is dedicated in preserving the organization and it’s goals.

Pleine Air Painter Susan Viccars

Susan Viccars is a retired Richmond secondary school art teacher. Now painting mainly for pleasure from her home studio in beautiful Steveston. Susan is a member of the Richmond Artists Guild, Riverside Art Group, and the Federation of Canadian Artists. Painting with acrylics en Pleine Air is a challenge and a delight.

Pleine Air Painter Steve Bridger

Steve Bridger has been painting in watercolour and oils for 50 years. He lives in the Finn Slough district of Richmond, and often paints waterscapes, whether ocean, river, or the Okanagan Lake.

Shelley Rothenburger

Shelley was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario and now resides in Richmond B.C.  She began formal studies in art in 1989 and completed them with a Honours Bachelor of Fine Art degree and a Master of Fine Art degree in painting in 2000. She has had multiple solo, juried and group exhibitions nation wide, most noted being a juried exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto in 1996 and a solo exhibition at the Nickel Museum in Calgary in 2000.  Shelley’s professional experience includes teaching, giving lectures and doing demonstrations and workshops.  She is a painter and a mixed media collage artist and works in her studio in East Vancouver.

Igor Staritsin

Igor, a member of Federation of Canadian Artists, has been fascinated by amazing landscape art since he was a child.
“Music and painting have a lot in common. I feel like I can almost translate influence of music on the canvas through the means in hand. Igor Stravinsky said: “If you get too much harmony it starts to be boring and if you get too much variety it starts to be chaotic, so it is a balancing act in between the two”. I feel the same about painting and there is a lot more you can translate from music into painting. Values, colors, edges are like those right tones and notes that a painter is looking for in order to create a unique harmony and make the painting work as a whole.”