Aug 28 - Sept 7, 2020

Allie McDonald

allie mcdonald is an up-and-coming, classically trained artist. Using her unique and recognizable voice, as well as the magnificence of the piano she frequents, she’s released albums “Addicted” (2016), and “Hold Tight” (2020) available on itunes, googleplay, and spotify. Her haunting sound and surprisingly powerful voice can give chills to even the most detached listeners. allie has spent her life writing songs that evoke the same kind of emotions out of her listeners as she feels when she’s writing them – whether it's the good, the bad, or the ugly. Allie’s diverse sources of inspiration and music styles contribute to her versatility as a performer and a songwriter. Born with a passion for music, Allie hails from Northern Canada, where she won awards for her performances and songwriting very early in life. Allie grew up performing folk-music due to her musical East Coast heritage, and went on to earn her Bachelor’s in classical Music from the University of Alberta. Because of this, she now performs as an indie-folk artist, with chamber pop-style here in the lower mainland. website facebook instagram youtube