Aug 28 - Sept 7, 2020

Coastal Wolf Pack

Tsatsu Stalqayu translated into English means; Coastal Wolf Pack is a traditional Salish song and dance group. They consist of over 50 members male and female from age 6 months to over age 60. The variation in age and gender allow for more song, dance and stories to be shared on stage. The members of the group representing the following communities: Musqueam, Sto:lo, Lil Wat, Squamish, Okanagan, Tsartlip, Nanaimo and many more. These communities are all Coast Salish people who have joined together to form TSATSU STALQAYU. Coastal Wolf pack is proud to share we are 100% operated by Coast Salish First Nations peoples. The group was founded in 2009. The intention is to create an opportunity for children and families to celebrate being Coast Salish and to express that in song and dance. The Coast Wolf Pack gives a sense of pride and brings belonging to the Coast Salish territories with their multigenerational performances.