Aug 28 - Sept 7, 2020

Kevin Lee

Kevin Takahide Lee is a fourth generation Japanese and Chinese Canadian. For nearly a century beginning in the late 1800s his family worked throughout the coast of British Columbia as fishermen and canners. They experienced great dangers such the 1964 mega-tsunami and equally great moments of joy such as those at Terra Nova cannery in Richmond. Here, the home of his grandfather, Hiro Koyanagi, is preserved to this day and is known as the "Edwardian Cottage." Kevin has participated in many other historical productions including: Surrey’s Re-enactors — winner of the 2015 British Columbia Parks and Recreation Association’s Program Excellence Award, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights’ Our Canada, My Story — winner of the 2017 Canada Short Film Festival, and “Radio BVM.” In addition to his artistic endeavours, Kevin has participated in activism and social causes such as the 2013 Truth and Reconciliation youth panel, ChangeUp 2015, and Accessible Canada Young Leaders’ 2016 national conference. He also works for Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network. Kevin holds a Bachelors in Music, and Masters degree in Vocal Performance. He works regularly as a music director and teacher. For more about Kevin go to