Aug 28 - Sept 7, 2020

Mad Jazz

MAD Jazz is comprised of 3 local Richmond artists, Mandy Rushton (Torch Songstress), Aaron Pang (jazz pianist/music academic), and Dane Warren (Certified Crooner). We started our live stream jazz show, MAD Jazz at the Loft, shortly after venues began shutting down from covid-19. We found that through humour, music, and creativity, that it not only gave us purpose week to week but we helped others deal with being in quarantine and being shut off from their communities as well. We had been wanting as a group to build a vibrant jazz scene in our beloved city, and although covid-19 was and is an unfortunate circumstance, it has allowed us to come together to touch the hearts of family, friends, and new fans alike. We are super thrilled to be performing before you for this unique online-only event that has been put together by the Richmond Maritime Festival. We love what we do and hope that everyone, including young families, will enjoy our light-hearted, fun, and entertaining show. Stop by online and say hi! website twitch facebook