Aug 28 - Sept 7, 2020

Steveston Maritime Modellers

Steveston Maritime Modellers are a group of enthusiasts who enjoy building model ships, both static display ships and/or radio controlled ships that ply the pond at Burnaby Central Park. The group was originally formed in 2002 after the Tall Ships visit to Richmond. It is open to novices and "more experienced" members with interests in model ship building. Any interested individual is very welcome to join our club. We meet a few times a year but also have individual meetings to trade information and skills development to assist our members in perfecting their individual builds. Building a scale model ship, wether an old three masted sailing ship or a modern ship brings maritime history to life. This work provides us the opportunity and interest to learn more of the history and the living conditions in the era we are working on. Displaying these ships allows us to pass on some of the most interesting aspects of the particular ship or time period to others. Our club members have also done "ship repairs" for individuals who have heritage ship models that have been subjected to the ravages of time or have had a tragic meeting with the floor or other "immoveable object".

Rich McFarland with the HMS Revenge at the Forester Squadron Rendezvous in 2018.

Tom Neilson (former President of the club) and Rich McFarland. The Bluenose model was presented to Britannia Shipyard in a partially started state and so we were asked to complete it. This picture was when we were presenting the completed ship to the Shipyard.

Hing Ho with his 1/16 scale model of PT109. It is totally hand built using a small plastic model as the pattern. It is radio controlled and he runs it on the pond at Burnaby Central Park.

Gordon Kibble, Tom Neilson and Rich McFarland at the Richmond Maritime Festival in around 2018.