August 20–21, 2022
Saturday & Sunday: 11am-6pm


Whether its helping create a knitted underwater scene, making a traditional Japanese Fish print lending a hand weaving willow into a ‘Coracle’ or learning about Lace and net making, you will experience local artists, artisans and their associations and how their crafts directly relate to the theme of our festival….You might even be able to create a special memento of your Maritime Festival experience to take home or add to festival site for others to see!

Tools of the Trade

The fine craft of building wooden boats requires specialty tools of the trade. A shipwright’s tools (traditional boat builder) are their prized possessions.
Lee Valley Tools is a Canadian company that specializes in fine crafted tools for shipwrights, carvers, woodworkers, luthiers (musical instrument makers) and artists. – Zone 5 – Seine Net Loft

Richmond Pottery Club

Come and meet local potters, see them ‘throw’ a pot and how pottery and clay is connected to our history. – Zone 3

Coracle weaving

Learn how a traditional coracle (woven, single person water craft) is made from locally grown basket maker’s willow. These vessels are still used though out the UK and part of Asia today. – Zone 6 – Murakami Boatworks

Steveston Maritime Modelers

Meet the miniature boats and their builders – this display of handcrafted working models will delight both young and old. – Zone 5 – in Seine Net Loft

Sailor’s Valentines

Participate in making a traditional shell “Sailors Valentine” like sailors did back in the 1890’s…and bring your camera to take a photo of the valentines being made at the festival! – Zone 5 – in Seine Net Loft