August 20–21, 2022
Saturday & Sunday: 11am-6pm

Hands on Creative Fun

Whether you help create a knitted underwater scene, decorate a fish scale to add to a giant fish, lend a hand weaving willow to make a coracle boat or learn about lace and its connection to net making… you will meet local artists, artisans and community groups and find out how their craft directly relates to the wooden boats and maritime traditions that inspire this festival.

You might even be able to create a special memento of your Maritime Festival experience to take home or add to festival site for others to see!



Sirens Shipwrek

An interactive soundscape lead by Birger Huber, a luthier and a musician, and Tamara Unroe, a visual and performing artist. The sea may have washed away most of this ship but a magic siren transformed the remnants into a wondrous medley of unusual instruments.

In Zone 1 – Octopus Garden

Seaworthy Tradition

Come and help create a community project that the Maritime Festival can enjoy for years to come. First Nation Artist Christine Mackenzie is creating a ship with traditional First Nation art with a contemporary twist of being on a viking ship, the design will be a thunder bird and a killer whale along side of a 3D ship. Gather together as a community and create a colorful piece at the 2019 Maritime Festival.
Art speaks where words are unable to explain.
Take part in Zone 3 – All Hands On Deck!

Maritime finger puppets

Come join artists Assel and Alvin and make some original paper cut out finger puppets, designed especially for this years Richmond Martime Festival.

In Zone 3 – All Hands On Deck!

Sailor’s Valentines

Participate in making a traditional shell “Sailor’s Valentine” like sailors did back in the 1890’s. Bring your camera to take a photo of the valentines you help make at the festival!

Join us inside the Seine Net Loft – Zone 5

Lenka’s Lace

Lace making at a maritime festival? Did you know that lace making and fishing net making both originated together in historic time – they share many stories and stitches! Come and try your hand at this ancient craft.

In the Seine Net Loft – Zone 5


Learn how a traditional coracle (woven, single person water craft) is made from locally grown basket maker’s willow. These vessels are still used still though out the UK and part of Asia today.

See them in action and join them in Zone 3 – All Hands On Deck!

Paddle Decorating

Canoes used for fishing, hunting, transportation on river or sea voyages are all propelled through the water by paddles. Come help decorate giant paddles

Join us in Zone 3 – All Hands On Deck!

A Maritime Knit In

Learn how to knit, like the traditional fishers used to, and help create our beautiful underwater landscape in the shade of a tree by the Fraser River.

Join us in Zone 3 – All Hands On Deck!

Richmond Arts Centre's Art Truck

Come and participate in making your own fun sailboats with the Richmond Art Centre’s Art Truck!
In Zone 15 – Imperial Landing.

Wish Boat

Add your wishes for the Fraser River and the local ocean to the beautiful handmade Wish Boat.

Inside the Seine Net Loft – Zone 5

What the Peaches Designs

Vibrant lively ink splatter paintings that capture a moment in time.

In Zone 3 – All Hands On Deck!

Face Painting

Become a pirate, sailor, mermaid… or maybe you just want a sailor tattoo on your arm.

Find our artists in Zone 1 – The Siren’s Shipwreck and at Imperial Landing – Zone 15

Caricature Art

Take a seat and see what our caricature artist come up with… but don’t be surprised if they add a captain’s hat, mermaid tail or anchor tattoo!

Find the artists in Zone 1, next to the Siren’s Shipwreck.

Fish Scales

Add your design to a large fish scale and help us build a giant salmon.

Join us in Zone 13 – Wooden Boat Row

Gateway Photo Booth

Donned with maritime-themed props, strike a pose and take a photo or selfie at the Gateway Theatre photo booth in Zone 15 – Imperial Landing.